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  • Why do I need to work with a customer journey strategist?
    If you're looking to deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive growth, and remain competitive in today's dynamic marketplace, a customer journey strategist should be your first port of call. They will work with you to develop and evolve your Customer Experience. By doing so, you and your business will be able to improve operational efficiency through the streamlining of processes and elimination of redundancies. This not only saves time and resources but also allows you to deliver a more responsive and agile customer experience. You'll benefit from gaining a competitive advantage by delivering a superior customer experience, and you can differentiate your brand and attract and retain more customers. And let's not forget the maximisation of ROI that you can achieve by working with a customer journey strategist. You will see an increasing customer lifetime value, reducing churn, and begin driving repeat business - all measurable results!
  • What is a customer journey?
    Essentially, it's your customer's experience. It's the complete end-to-end process that the customer goes through right from their initial interaction with you straight through to your off-boarding process. And I promise matters!!!
  • What does a customer journey strategist do?
    A customer journey strategist plays a critical role in ensuring that businesses provide a seamless, engaging, and memorable experience for their customers at every stage of their journey, ultimately driving satisfaction, loyalty, and long-term success. The process of working with a customer journey strategist involves research and analysis, mapping the customer journey, identifying opportunities, collaborating and communicating with other functions of the business, implementing and optimisation, and adapting to changes and trends.
  • What does the process involve?
    Initially we will start with a free consultation so that I can get a feel for your business and what you require. Once were happy that this is a good fit I will put together a proposal that outlines my recommendations for your business. This is followed by an intense review of your business, interactions with your clients and your tools, systems and processes. Your customer journey isn't just about the front end of your business. Our processes from this point are varied depending on whether we are simply writing up an action plan for you to follow or if we are providing a complete done for you package with training. Regardless of whichever option you choose, it is important to know that we will require you to be engaged at each step on the process. After all, no one knows your business and your clients better than you!
  • Who do we work with?
    We help small businesses & Corporate companies to build a client journeys that will elevate their brand and help them to stand out!
  • Do I have to implement everything myself?
    No, there are various different options to suit your needs. We have everything from a one off consultation all the way through to a complete done for you package. We even maintenance and annual review packages.
  • Is this a fast track to a 6 figure business?
    In a word, no! There are no 5 easy steps to achieving a 6 figure business around here. This process is intense and only for those who really value their customers!
  • How much does it cost?
    Prices range from £550 and £4999 (dependant on what stage you are at with your customer journey and the level of service you require.) We even offer maintenance and annual review packages.
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